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Your Baby Is Going To Come Early

by Gem (follow)
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In Australia the statistics show that one in ten babies are born premature.  

Our son is one of those babies.

Our story starts long before he was conceived.  In fact, our story starts back when I was conceived.  

I have a Mullerian Anomoly called a Bicornuate Uterus.

It means my uterus looks like a heart shape instead of a pear shape.

Simply put, women with this are more likely to miscarry and have pre-term births.

The reason for a high chance of pre-term birth is that the baby simply runs out of room as the womb cannot stretch in the same way a normal womb can.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum - The Dark Side Of Pregnancy

Also, in the case of a complete bicornuate there is quite a large piece of tissue or septum that dips down almost to the cervix.  This also creates a space issue in the womb.  

Babies often stay in a breech position as they get to a size that is too big to spin around due to the constraints of the septum.  

It is also good to be aware that cervical incompetence often is linked with women who have a Mullerian Anomoly.  This can also lead to pre-term labour and birth.
We only learnt the complete facts about a bicornuate uterus at our 20 week scan.  It was at this scan we were informed to be aware of pre-term labour and the signs of labour.  

It was rather confronting at the time having someone advise you your baby could start to come any time from now and then send you on your way.
So we waited.  Every scan we went to revealed our son was growing at a great rate and was showing no signs of IUGR (Inter-Uterine Growth Restriction) which can often happy due to room restriction.

We were so thankful and hopeful.  

We resolved to enjoy this stage of our lives as much as we could and not let stress dampen our pregnancy experience.

High-Risk Pregnancy - One Step At A Time
I watched my belly expand and I enjoyed feeling my beautiful boy move and kick.  There were four times when I experienced bleeding throughout the pregnancy but every time we went in for a check our beautiful boy was healthy and strong.  
I experienced quite a lot of pain during the pregnancy but when I finished work at the end of the teaching year my pain seemed to exponentially increase.  

I was 29 weeks pregnant.

At this stage I was walking with the aide of crutches and I put all of my plans aside and rested as much as I could simply because my body didn't seem to be able to cope physically.  

At the check ups this was put down to normal pregnancy fatigue, aches and pains.  In hind-sight, it was my body preparing for labour.
At 32 weeks (it was a Sunday) I asked my sister quite urgently to take some pregnancy photos.  I was concerned we wouldn't have any memories to look back on and see my gorgeous belly!  I remember telling her I was having more Braxton Hicks than normal.  She squealed with delight.  Neither of us really thought anything of it though.  I had been having Braxton Hicks since 20 weeks.
That same afternoon I insisted my husband and I go on a date.  I remember groaning as he chose the second movie of the Hobbit.  We went Gold Class and I enjoyed reclining on the leather seats.  I distinctly remember marvelling at my belly contracting with Braxton Hicks.  It still never occurred to me they may have progressed to contractions.
Two days later (Tuesday) I had a small bleed again and my Braxton Hicks (contractions!) were much more constant.  I then realised my bleeding was not bleeding but my mucous plug coming away.  It was at this point we took ourselves off to the hospital to get checked.

I was given a steroid shot to help develop his lungs and I was given medicine to try and stop the mild contractions.  After a few hours it was clear this was not working so I was transferred to the specialist maternity hospital.

I spent three days there where things started to settle.  It hadn't stopped but it had slowed down and the doctors felt I could have another 2-3 weeks in me.  I was sent home to rest.  This was Friday evening.
Three hours later my body went into labour.  Under the instruction of the hospital staff we stayed at home and tried a few different things to see if labour would slow down again.  It didn't.
Early Saturday morning my waters broke and my husband rushed me back to hospital.  Due to our son being in a breech presentation they rushed us into theatre and he was born via c-section.  He weighed 2.6kg and was 51cm long.  7 weeks early.

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 Have you experienced a premature birth?

If you would like to share your story with Her Haven you can write it yourself and share it HERE or you can contact us on the Her Haven facebook page and have it written for you.


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